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Children undergo different rates of growth in the womb, in the first year of life, in early childhood, in late childhood, and in puberty.

Parents are often concerned when their children seem to be out of step with their friends or when siblings seem to be developing at different rates.

Girls on the whole develop earlier than boys and girls usually start their growth spurt when they start breast development but will usually grow only 5-6 cm after their first menstrual period.

Boys begin pubertal development about 2 years later than girls on average and it is common for girls to be taller than their boy classmates in the upper primary classes. On the whole, however, boys will end up about 12 cm taller than their girl peers of the same genetic and social background.

Frequently asked questions where a paediatric endocrinologist can be of help:

  • Is my child growing normally?
  • If my child is shorter than his or her friends, what can I do to help?
  • My child is much taller than his or her friends. Should I be worried or happy?
  • Is it normal?
  • If my doctor says that my child is normal but he is being teased about being short, where can I seek help?
  • How tall will my child be?
  • My spouse and I are short, how tall will our children be?
  • When is puberty supposed to happen?
  • If puberty comes too early or too late, can anything be done?
  • When should a girl develop her menses?
  • If my daughter is already developing breasts, is this normal?
  • My daughter already has had her periods and she does not seem to be growing any more. Can anything be done?
  • When should a boy be developing signs of puberty?
  • What size of penis or testes is normal at a certain age?
  • When should acne (pimples) appear?

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